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Please do not come here unless you enjoy the following:

A) Spending a ridiculous amount of money and your pet is still sick when you leave

B) Being emotionally distraught because the veterinarian looks at x-rays and jumps to the worst possible conclusion without doing anymore testing

C) You want to be conned into spending more money on a test that isn't even necessary

I went here on a Sunday because my cat's regular vet is closed on Sunday. it was possibly the worst weekend I have ever had. My cat was having trouble breathing, she was lethargic, and she wasn't eating. They did X-rays, which was completely necessary, so I am not complaining about that part. But what happened next just makes me think they only wanted the most amount of money possible. The X-rays showed fluid surrounding her lungs. So they pulled some of the fluid off of her lungs and based on what it looked like, the vet just jumped to conclusions and said it was heart failure, and there isn't much that can be done. She did suggest getting and Echocardiogram and EKG done which would have been another $700. I had already spenT nearly $500 before her suggesting that testing. She made it seem like if i didn't do the additional testing there was nothing I could do for my cat. I asked for medication to pull the fluid off of her lungs to at least help her breath until I could come up with the money for the additional tests. She sent me home with medication and a big bill. That night my cat looked like she would die. I have never seen her so un-alert; eyes were glossed over, no energy whatsoever. She was worse than before she went to the VCA ER.

The next day I took my cat to her regular vet and he was pretty confused about the method of "treatment" that was given. This vet has been recognized by Cat Fancy magazine for his work with feline medicine. I trust him and he has always been good with my kitty. He didn't understand why they didn't immediately pull ALL the fluid away from her lungs instead of just getting the tiny sample. This was not even mentioned at the VCA. He also didn't understand why they didn't run a simple blood test to check for heart failure. It is called the proBNP SNAP test. It took about 15 minutes and was only $41. The conclusion, NO HEART DISEASE! I WOULD HAVE WASTED ALMOST $700 ON AN UNNECESSARY HEART TEST. Needless to say, i spent significantly less money with my regular vet and got better results. He drained the fluid off her lungs and she is much, much better today! The fluid was sent off along with more bloodwork.

Bottom line, VCA Metroplex on 183 in Irving wanted to go with the most expensive and extravagant testing, instead of starting with the basic, simple diagnostics and treatment. Don't go here!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of vca animal hospital pet medical service. Vca Animal Hospital needs to "refund for lasix injection and pills sent home, and the "evaluation"" according to poster's claims.

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