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I have a constipated dog and took him to the VCA. 2 days and $2100 later I still have a very sick and very constipated dog.

They didn't do ANYTHING except run a bunch of tests, hold him for two days, increase charges, and administer TWO Enemas a day. The things they were charging for were ridiculous! $85 dollars to administer shots. Not counting the price of the medication that was being given.

$40 for an IV dispenser rental. That's right; they charged me a daily rental fee on the bag holder for my dogs IV. Unacceptable.

This was one of the worst experiences of my pet owning life.

I feel used and fully taken advantage of.

I will forever and always recommend against the VCA to everyone I meet from here on out. Greed in your moment of weakness is their business plan.

Review about: Vca Animal Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Monetary Loss: $2100.

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I totally agree. The VCA is worthless and overcharge.

80.00 for a rabies shot!

No wonder there is a high rate of rabies, who can afford that in todays economy. My pets are indoors, will never have shots again.

to jk #670023

If you can't afford even a rabies vaccine for your pets you have no business owning them! What happens if they get sick??

I suggest you start putting away some money in a 'pet fund' in case they need veterinary care or otherwise you will end up as one of these people moaning on here that the cruel vets wouldn't help your pet for free because you couldn't afford to do anything. As an FYI, if you bothered to look any info up you can see that you don't have to go to a real hospital to have this vaccine done, if you call you local animal control/shelters they should be able to tell you of any low-cost vaccine clinics that are in your area.

Rabies is required by STATE LAW for the protection not only of yourself but of everyone your pet could come into contact with. Also indoor pets CAN catch rabies - all it takes is a bat/rodent/raccoon to get into the house or for them to 'escape' for a few mins to potentially be exposed.

to jk #670029

Actually most Vet hospitals that I have worked at (ER, specialty) charge for the equipment used - just like human hospitals do. This equipment is very expensive to buy so this cost needs to be recouped or otherwise businesses would stop buying the equipment & pets quality of medicine received would suffer dramatically.

A fluid pump like they used to give fluids for your pet - can cost upwards for $3000 & requires maintenance/replacing frequently because it is used almost constantly in a busy hospital.

Sadly, veterinary care IS expensive & it does take 'running a bunch of tests' sometimes to figure out what the problems is.

Even this is not foolproof & sometimes you just don't get a straight forward answer, even at a specialty hospital - again, just like human medicine. I recommend to all my clients that they have pet insurance otherwise they risk not being able to afford care for their pet if anything serious should happen because I no longer accept ANY type of payment plan because I have been burnt by these in the past when people did not come back to pay.


Vca bought the knightswood animal hospital here in phila. Once it was a family owned local loving well priced vet.

After VCA took over it all changed. I cant take my dog in there without spending $500.00. they turned a simple urine infection (thats been treated before there for 60 bucks which included urinalysis blood work and meds). Into $585 this last time i took her in.

Then she had a bump i wanted looked at. Just a fatty tumor but they wanted to do tons of testing. Told me it would be $675. no way.

Went to another vet he biopsied it and said same diagnosis and charged me50 bucks and said there normal in older dogs.. Another business trying to run us all into poverty


I had a scheduled appt for my cat to get fixed and at the last minute, after we were there and my cat had not eaten all night, they said they were to busy to do it, i was pissed. and they do overcharge for everything from shots to ear cleaning.

i have been going there for 5yrs BUT NO MORE VCA. i will find a new vet


I had an equally rotten experience at VCA. We may have had the same vet in Cerritos.

I think in order to work there, vets have to drink the "Kool Aid" and accept their policies.

I wrote an angry letter to VCA and now my vet and her assistant will no longer speak to me. Sad, very very sad....


We had an appointment for a Saturday in the Cerritos facility because I work in Paso Robles.We had to wait an hour to see our vet but it happened that quickly because my wife complained. There were people waiting longer than that.

What was even worse is there were people waiting for an additional 45 minutes after seeing their vet to PAY. My wife had another appointment so I informed the desk and the vet that I would be back in 30 min to pick up prescription and pay....they said ok, and the medication would be waiting for me.

45 minutes later when i arrived they told me to sign in again (even though they knew I was leaving and going to return) and wait my turn....I was a bit frustrated that they would even suggest this! I managed to get a floor supervisor (I think she was a supervisor-they have so many people working there) and she told me that the pharmicist has not looked at the prescription yet.

I left and I refuse to go back....I know my vet went their because of being forced to move out of their other building a block away which was being torn down.

After almost 20 years of going to her VCA has put her in a position to abide by their rules and I am going to have to find another vet.

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